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Paintings, 2019 - 2018

godsfault driving memories1 memories2 orange

God’s Fault. Mix-media/Oil on canvas. 36”x28”

They Worship Orange Baron. Mix-media/Oil on canvas. 36”x20”  36”x24”

Memories-From 1920s to Justice. Mix-media/Oil on canvas. 30”x24”

Memories-Safranbolu Houses: Places to Miss. Mix-media/Oil on canvas. 36”x24”


Driving in America. Mix-media/Oil on canvas. 30”x24”

Printmaking, 2019 - 2018. Laser engraved, relief / combination prints.

rebuild justic dinno2 dinno1 screason lada2 lada1 erdo

(Viewer discretion advised) Death of Innocence. Sectional detailed image link from digital artwork

Rebuild. 24”x48”. Combination printmaking                 No Justice. 24”x48”. Combination printmaking

Death of Innocence. 9’x5’(approximately) Combination printmaking  

Lada Dreaming with revised “Rebuild”. Digital art for laser-engraved relief printmaking

School pf Reason-emptied. 50”x38”. Hand-tinted relief printmaking

Bindik Bir Alamete Gidiyoz Kiyamete. 8’x5’. Digital art for laser-engraved relief printmaking