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Serhat Tanyolacar is a Turkish born multi-media artist, printmaker, political activist and autism advocate. His works often focus on reconstructions of daily life imagery with the components of nostalgia and popular culture in critiques of contemporary socio-political paradigms. His reconstructed narratives bring an absurd socio-political commentary over such problems in politics, world economy, gender roles, nationality, and global culture. Serhat defines the very beginning of the making of the art production as an information gathering process, which relies on his own memories and the collection of global news and intensive research. Using humor; satire, absurdity and parody through public provocation allows him to have an ability to be a cultural producer rather than a (political) commentator.

Although he has expertise in all traditional print media, Serhat investigates innovative and progressive use of printmaking as inter-media. He is one of the early developers of laser cutter printmaking. He has been using laser cutter block/plate making for his latest relief/combination prints.

Serhat has an 11 years old son who is in Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has inspired many of Serhat’s works and taught him a new perspective in helping and connecting the people with disabilities.

As a Turkish citizen who believes in and defends freedom of speech and expression, Serhat has been spreading awareness on continuous human-rights violations in his home country, The Republic of Turkey.

Serhat enacted his last public performance Farewell (Elveda) in multiple metropolitan areas of Turkey in March 2015. He was wearing a traditional, Ottoman era kaftan in this performance as he was criticizing the Neo-Ottomanist foreign policy of the current Turkish Government. The Turkish Political Investigation Bureau in front of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Presidential Palace in Ankara forcefully stopped Farewell public performance on March 12 2015.

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